Procurement & Supply Chain Management Department

If you wish to discuss specific requirements related to particular functions within the business, the respective Departmental telephone contact details are listed below (or please use the contact form provided). Thank you. 

Please note all calls may be recorded for quality monitoring and training purposes. Thank you.

K M Plant - Emergency and Incident Reporting Hotline: 0203 146 8891 (24/7).

K M Plant - Emergency Response Hotline (Mains Pipe Bursts, Pipe Fracture, Major Leak, Pipe or Cable Damage, etc.): 0203 146 9561 (24/7).

K M Plant - Plant Hire Desk (Cross Hire, Plant Hire, Plant with Operator Hire, Specialist Rig and Operator Hire, etc.): 0203 146 9564 (24/7).

K M Plant - Waste Management and Waste Material Handling (Muck Away, Inert Material Transportation, etc.): 0203 146 9563 (24/7).

K M Plant - Technical Services (Line-Stop, Pipe-Freezing, Pipe-Bursting, Cable & Pipe Pulling, Slip-Lining, Leak Detection, etc.): 0203 146 9565 (24/7).

K M Plant (Utliay) - Developer Services (On-Site & Off-Site Self-Lay or Dry-Lay, New Build Infrastructure and New Connections): 0203 146 9560 (24/7).

K M Plant (Utilay) - Multi-Utility Mains Laying (Self-Lay, Dry-Lay, New Mains Laying, Renewals, Refurbishment & Rehabilitation): 0203 146 9562 (24/7).

K M Plant - Commercial and Operations Departments (Quotations, Estimates, Pricing, etc.): 0203 146 8892 (8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday).

K M Plant - Procurement, Finance and Accounts Departments: 0203 146 8890 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

K M Plant - Human Resources/Personnel, Recruitment, Resourcing, Training and Development: 0203 146 8893 (24/7).

K M Plant - Legal Department: 0203 146 8894 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

K M Plant - Technical Innovation Division (R&D and Innovation) - operates under Strategic Operations (Commercial Operations Department): 0203 146 8892.  

Direct individual applicants for employment or engagement should please contact the HR Department direct on 0203 146 8893.  Thank you.

Any enquiries or queries may be messaged through the contact form below. Thank you.